Anywhere in the country is fine. Where do you want to camp?

Postby cccamper » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:31 pm

what happened with this gathering talk. is it going anywhere or dead from lack of vote on who is in charge :lol:

lake of the ozarks is nice. really like branson although one is just an hour and the other is hmm 4 hours?

don't do missouri camping in summer. can't deal with heat (for medical reasons, i'm not a wimp :) like fall the best.

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Postby oklahomajewel » Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:44 am

If you notice the thread started back in 05 and lots of posts were in 06.
There ended up being a gathering in summer 06 at Knob Noster, MO so I'm guessing that's when the thread ended. There's a little talk already about Missouri this year, maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving.

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Postby madjack » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:40 am

Elizabeth...all it takes is for someone to take the bull by the horns and start organizing one(how about you)...let's see, there is Beavers Bend (OK) in late March, PetitJean(AR) in July and the LCG(LA) in Oct...Inks Lake(TX) the week before Thanksgiving, so maybe, a May gathering at the Lake o' the Ozarks in May??? Ya know, we need someone to organize a gathering on the South Texas coast in Jan or Feb as well.............
madjack 8)

p.s. pick a date...put it out there...see what happens............MJ
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Postby cccamper » Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:36 pm

hi julie! yeah, i figure it doesn't matter what the date is, it's an ongoing thing.

i've wondered what organizational skills it takes to get it together, since i have none. (but if you want some laughs just get me started :) my biggest problem is i never know if i'll be upright or able to really think or in the hospital etc. not whining it is just reality. but i've been thinking about this since we talked with dana when we picked up our little Guppy.

and re south texas coast, mad jack, one of robert's sons lives in portland, on the north side of corpus christi so we've been looking at camping there MAYBE around Christmas. that could be a great scouting mission. or sounds like you may know the area. or maybe you mean *way* down in the valley? padre island? brownsville? taco tortilla heaven?

after thanksgiving sounds kinda cold unless there is lots of firewood. i'm the queen of fire building. AMEN! truth reigns. :lol: wow is it complicated. NOT.
a number (not to be mentioned) of years ago when my brother dave lived in phoenix, and we did too (another we ( lived there also for 2 years) we went camping at big lake, think it was still apache reservation there..right near new mexico border. really beautiful. but it rained most of the time.

we were the only ones who had a great campfire. we built up our tiny chimney underneath the larger logs, poured coleman fuel all over it, backed up about 6 feet, tossed a nice arching match into the heart of it an KABOOM! great sound! the bigger pieces of wood never had a chance. they dried out pretty quickly.

we still talk about our boom juice. that's when you used to be able to find tons of firewood, not pay $5 for one stinkin' fire!
we have never used this talent for evil. honest.

but i digress. or regress or progres.. .. whatever.

lots of gatherings coming up. i have to read through every topic to try to figure out where they are. even then it is sometimes assumed everyone knows where some name of campground is located. now i have something to go on thanks to mj (she said, ducking skillfully out of the organizational suggestions)

i've got a very very good friend in louisiana who has been asking LOTS of questions about teardrops since i sent him pictures of guppy. can you buy them? can you get plans and build them? where where where.. we should go down there and show him!

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"Naked people have little to no influence
on society." - - Mark Twain
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Postby Rich S » Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:30 pm

We are doing a gathering Feb29-March2 at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.
Check out North Central and we will keep everyone updated.
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A newbie can put together a gathering, just do it. I did.

Postby Esteban » Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:22 am

I was a newbie, never had been to a gathering nor did I have a teardrop trailer (one is under construction now) and I put together the SLO Gathering (California) with the help of another member from here, Italia. We only put out the word here on T&TTT because we were unsure how well it'd go. We had a very good turnout that filled about 35 state park camp spots for 3 plus days. Joanne and Ma3tt, volunteered to do a Dutch Oven cooking demo that was a popular attraction. Sat. night dutch ovens seemed to appear out of nowhere and the pot luck filled three picnic tables. No one went hungry. It was a good camping experience - not car show like. People, most who didn't know one another, came from all over CA and beyond and got together very well. Many new friendships were made and old ones renewed. It was great fun. I may (probably will) do another.

Pick a good destination and date, then put the word out. You may be pleasantly surprised how many people come.
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Postby lovntears » Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:29 pm

Hey all,

New to the group, but wanted to see if a MO gathering was ever planned. We are in the process of getting our 1st tear, but have an Airstream we can camp in if we can't find one in time. We camp twice a year in Branson, have been to Bull Shoals, and Lake of the Oz many o times.

As for Lost in the woods, I spent the last two years there, and I can tell you that there is a Blimpie, and Burger King as Big Name franchises, but everything else is the usual AAFES stuff.

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