Bishop Lake-Brighton, Michigan Pre-mem-day/post-lbr-day

Anywhere in the country is fine. Where do you want to camp?

Bishop Lake-Brighton, Michigan Pre-mem-day/post-lbr-day

Postby PcHistorian » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:04 pm

I'm going camping at Bishop Lake, Brighton, Michigan.
The weekends, two weeks before Memorial day weekend and the weekend two weeks after labor day, annually, the temperatures are moderate (for southern Michigan) and the availability of spaces are many. Mostly RV's. Few insects. Cool evenings for great campfires. Lower area has power and lake access for kayak, canoe and fishing, nearly at your door step. (if you get there early-ish) Swimming lake is walking or bicycle distance. Last year, the 2nd weekend after labor day they had hovercraft races on the swimming lake.

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