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Graffiti Gathering, Roseburg OR July 4-8 2018

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:00 pm
by Rhino Ray
If you like old cars, cruising, sock hops and bar-b-q’s, or just hanging out with your friends, this is the event for you. Welcome to the very first Graffiti Gathering and Trailer Rally held during the Graffiti Weekend event in Roseburg Oregon. Held during the 4th of July weekend participants can camp out on a level field. There will be lots to do as it is close enough to the Graffiti Weekend activities which is the premier car show evert in the Pacific Northwest. Roseburg is located about an hour’s drive south of Eugene and two hours from the California Border. There is lots of room for teardrops and trailers of all types. Vintage trailers and teardrops will be parked in designated areas and there will be room for all others who want to attend. This will be dry camping, arrangements have been made for off-site showers. Breakfasts and a Bar-B-Q is planned as well as potlucks and other activities. There is lots of time to visit the car shows attend the sock hop and other events in the area. For a list of events go to Cost is $40 for the event, let us know if you are attending at or email to or call Ray Perry at 541-670-7479.Click here for Application