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Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:01 pm
by 2bits
Well another site has opened up, mine... With the rain I haven't been able to finish the Shasta which was my original plan so I've been pushing forward on the Play Mor the best I can but time has run out and rain is still in the forecast all week so that leaves me without a camper. I will be done before October for sure though. 90 degrees is too hot for me to camp anyway. If someone wants my site let me know, first nights free.

Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:31 am
by working on it
  • Whoops!, I nearly goofed....
  • I just had my first experience with the phenomena of "Senior Moments".
  • senior moment.JPG
    senior moment.JPG (47.15 KiB) Viewed 1316 times
  • I'll be 68 in <2 weeks, and hardly ever leave the house, being retired and the dog-keeper around here (my wife just brought another pup home, raising our total to six, again). She works, and when not working, she is always going somewhere, so I'm tagged "it", most of the time.. So, the passage of time, and what day/date it is, have little meaning in my life right now.
  • I reserved for the 14-17th at Dino Valley in months past, and started packing my gear for it two days ago. I was just about to hook up the trailer this a.m., and broke my watch strap. I retrieved my back-up watch from the drawer, and was setting the day-date on it, when I suddenly realized that today, Thursday, was the 13th, not the 14th as I mistakenly thought it was. I had been glancing at a 2017 calendar on the wall, that had never been changed, and the "2017" header was covered by a basket on a wire shelf, that I installed in 2017. I had also been ignoring the day/date features on my Samsung S7, which clearly show the correct day/date, and have my PC screen configured where the day/date don't appear.
  • 2017.png
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  • In addition, since all of my three-day campouts have been for Thursday-Saturday (departure on Sunday morning), this different Friday 14th-Sunday 17th outing (leaving on Monday morning), just didn't even register in my mind. I hardly ever glance at the time, nor the calendar on the kitchen wall, but only on my "office-dayroom" calendar and my wristwatch, and have lost a day or two, prior to now. This shows me that I should pay more attention, but since retiring from hectic schedules and deadlines at work (46 years at a newspaper), I frankly don't care about time anymore. But, arriving a day earlier than my reservation, might be embarrassing.
  • Over 10 years ago, a member of my drag-racing team made such a mistake. He loaded his race car on his trailer, and drove 200 miles to a dragstrip, and was the first to arrive about 6 a.m. After waiting (alone) at the closed gate for over an hour, he called me (I was usually the first to arrive at a venue) to see why nobody else was there. I broke the news to him that it was the day before our race was scheduled, and that I was at work (it was a Friday). He was about 66 years-old at the time, retired, and we always raced previously on Sundays, not Saturdays, so I see similarities in both of our "Senior Moments". Our race team-mates never let him forget his mistake (he, not I, told them about his error), nor the way he crashed his race-car on the return road, the next day (he zigged when he shoulda' zagged). I'll have to drive carefully, I guess, tomorrow, when I actually leave for camp!

Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:44 am
by 2bits
I remember a certain camper who will remain nameless arrived at Beavers Bend a week early one year! :lol:

I also don't look at time much these days, the upcoming time change won't affect me, I rise with the sun and settle down at dusk whenever that happens to be, every day is Tuesday and every day is Saturday.

Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:13 am
by swoody126
had a time window open up yesterday so Chili n i made the short hop down to DVSP to meander thru the group

was greeted by some very friendly folks

looked into a couple rigs and got some good ideas

great use of "available resources" was witnessed

a couple "non traditional" design points to be given serious consideration

to any and all who are contemplating a build...


no matter how big or how small

no matter what the weather

going during adverse weather conditions(extreme heat cold & rain) WILL introduce you to some inovative practices put into service by the campers which make camping/events such a success



Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:19 pm
by Sparksalot
I'm home now. More rain the further south I went.

Great weekend again, with a great bunch of folks.

Re: Dinosaur Valley State Park Sept 14th to 17th

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:47 pm
by Staryder61
Linda and I, want to Thank everyone at Dino Valley this weekend. :)
It was a real pleasure to meet all of you and enjoy a great time with you at the gathering.
Was great being able to put faces to names. Seeing all the great builds and talking about them. :applause:
So many different designs and concepts. Much different seeing them in person and not just in pictures..
The lunch on Saturday was great and y'all made us feel right at home. Thank you..
(and coyote, I did like the sweet potato thing) :D
We look so forward to getting the Ravens' Nest done and making a gathering in her,
instead of staying in another awesome hotel during the night.. :twisted: :roll: ;)