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So what goes down next to the ground on the floor boards?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:37 pm
by slowcowboy
So 6 years later still tinkering around on my 2 build..long story to that got my floor done to my new Kampmaster masonite on the bottom and debating on how to procreate it from mud do find mud holes off road in my local rocky ...whats everyone doing to procte your floor boards from the weather on the side faceing the ground? In 08 on my first teardrop I just used painted 3 quarter plye....want something a lot better for my 2 build...i got a frame insulated with half inch foam covered up with masonite planing with a half inch ply floor. Yup, heavy, but durable..planning on a lot of wood over kill on a very light frame and the world war 2 British bomber the mosquito ,.wood over kill concept vs metal worked good with a light duty harbor freight frame kit on my first teardrop build for the last 10 years.i kinda keep what works out over time when I build stuff.....slowcowboy...