High Camp Trailers (Pacific Northwest)

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High Camp Trailers (Pacific Northwest)

Postby High Camp Trailers » Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:21 pm

Hi All!
I just wanted to introduce High Camp Trailers to all the folks on this great forum. I have had a personal account here for longer than I can recall and have enjoyed all the great ideas shared here and have been inspired by the many trailers that have come to life in the posts.

High Camp Trailers has been a dream of mine for years now and a work-in-progress for more than two years. Last year, I laid the foundation for the business as I worked part-time at my regular job at a business valuation company here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. This May, I took the big leap and dedicated myself full-time to making High Camp Trailers a reality. The amount of time and energy that it has taken to build the foundation of the business has been many times what I imagined, but now that it has been laid, I look forward to building the best teardrop trailers possible for my customers.

I invite everyone to see the new http://HighCampTrailers.com website and appreciate any feedback, comments, or questions any forum members might have (there is even a Question/Comment area on the “Contact Us” page). It is a new site, so there will certainly be many improvements in the coming months. I also look forward to giving back to the T&TT community by contributing to the discussions.

Thanks to all and happy camping!

Just thought I'd add this here...

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High Camp Trailers
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Re: High Camp Trailers (Pacific Northwest)

Postby StewUtah » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:55 pm

How many of these trailers have you built?

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