Ultralight Design?

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Postby ai4kk » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:26 am

Or maybe look at Yakima's "Rack and Roll" trailer on yakima.com. You can even buy the wheels seperately if that is all you want, although they're not cheap. I saw one o these up-close in the canoe shop and they look pretty decently-built with trailing-link coilover suspension.

Trailer: http://www.yakima.com/productcategory.aspx?id=52

Spare wheels are listed under accessories on that page
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Postby Aussie leslie » Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:02 pm

PaulC wrote:Okay Mike, Time to stretch the friendship here. How about a lightweight offroad TD. I know that a lot of people think heavy with offroad stuff but with the current crop of light weight 4WD's on the market there could be people interested in it.
I like the idea of keeping it basic eg no full on galley and maybe only shelves inside.
But I would only have 12V (Iknow Bledsoe, adding weight) not a/c power.
Paul :thumbsup:

Yes I agree cut out all the heavy fancy stuff and just have what's actually needed because let's face it we are just going camping in a rain proof tent right , we just need one of those one or two burner gas cooker with a 2 kg of gass for fuel. And have shelves with a good size ledge to stop everything falling off could build the whole thing out of Xps foam with cloth one it ah what do you reckon ?
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