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As seen on TV "Flex-Tape"

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:59 pm
by gudmund
a year or so ago I bought a 8in wide by 5ft long roll of 'Flex-Tape' thinking I would try it to cover the front of my 8in steel painted fenders for rock chip protection - ended up never doing it being I sold the trailer - the new one already has a 'Rino' coating on the front of them. I am still thinking this idea would work, especially after seeing how "sticky and thick" this tape is!! My neighbor ended up using a piece of it on his wife's 'leaky' air mattress (after the duck tape - failed) and it so far, it has done the job!! (she is still using it over a year later) Well, what I did today with what I had left of it, (about 35 in left in length of it) cut it in half and put the 17in x 8 in wide strip of it on the tire side/underside of the fender covering from the halfway point to the rear of the fender - my thinking is, it 'may' help stop/cushion the road rash/rocks/debris being flung from the tire. ??maybe it will help?? I know there is the chance of it coming loose with time -but- as sticky as this stuff is - I have been so impressed with what I have seen of it so far. Had nothing to loss in trying it, being I already owed it......................... just another idea to think about.......... :thinking: :wine:

Re: As seen on TV "Flex-Tape"

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:50 pm
by tony.latham
I wonder how it would look after a year in the sun.

Herculiner works well for this.


Re: As seen on TV "Flex-Tape"

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:08 am
by gudmund
that would be an interesting test to see, along with how well it would still be adhering to wherever it is stuck too....sun heat can be so brutal (and that is speaking from experience - being I myself 'don't' handle 'heat' so well....)