Hey hey from East Tennessee

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Hey hey from East Tennessee

Postby TnVol » Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:34 pm

Recently got inspired to build a teardrop when we camped next to one about a month ago in our travel trailer . We both thought the homemade Woody was pretty cool. I found this site while we were still camping and got inspired. I have a wood shop with a shed roof the side that will be perfect to build our new camper. Even have a lot of material already. I picked up a boat trailer last weekend, so we're ready to roll. 8). Been Gathering a lot of good information on the site, but like somebody posted, just get building it. Looking forward to hanging out with everybody on the board and posting pics of the build as we go along. This is going to be a project with my 13 year old son, so I'm really looking forward to it. He said we just need to make sure video games can be played in it. Will probably work something out...

We live in the Sevierville Pigeon Forge area of East Tennessee, at the entrance to the Smokies. We love it here. Camping country in any direction you go. I have a feeling this thing is going to be a blast. Over and out for now.
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Re: Hey hey from East Tennessee

Postby Jdw2717 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:36 pm

Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions or need to look at a camper up close, let me know. I live in north Knoxville and have built two teardrops. Also, check out Tearjerkers.net to join the Tennessee chapter. There are two gatherings each year in middle Tennessee. One in the spring and one in the fall. They are a fun group and have many homebuilt campers.

Happy building.

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Re: Hey hey from East Tennessee

Postby kntckytear » Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:04 pm

I guess I can overlook the whole UK-UT rivalry thing and say hello. As far as I can tell I'm the newest member on here. We were in your neck of the woods last month at Panther Creek SP. It rained all 3 days and we were in a tent but it was dry inside for the most part. The worst part was tearing it down in the rain and needing to set it back up a couple days later to dry out. It's what really got me thinking about building my own camper. I started looking at designs and different styles of building and came across this site with tons of information. Hopefully I can put it to good use and get back down there when the weather is better!
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Re: Hey hey from East Tennessee

Postby Homebrewer25 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:48 am

Welcome to the forum, TnVol.
I'm about a hundred miles east of you in Flag Pond ... about 30 miles south of Johnson City, just off of I 26 two miles from the NC state line.

I bought my NT 5x8 trailer kit in March, and I have it modified, registered (permanent plate), and nearly ready to build on. I stretched it to 5' x 11' (size of camper body), and extended the tongue 32" for an overall length of 17' (to make it easier backing up). I upgraded the axle to a Dexter Torflex, and the tires to 14" with alloy wheels. But I will not start my camper build until late fall or early winter.

I'm going a bit larger than most ... 5' x 5' x 11', sort of a modified Benroy foamie. I figured on 6'8 for the bed, 2' open floor space (for our 2 dogs), 1' for a front cabinet, and 1' for the galley. The upper galley is only 1' deep, but the lower galley will have 2 cabinets 3' deep that will slide out from under the bed, hence the need for a raised bed. The head of the bed will be against the upper galley, so you crawl out of bed over the foot of the bed, not over your partner.

I thought about going 6'8" wide and making it an enclosed standy with inside galley, but I wanted to retain the concept of an outside galley to keep us 'camping' instead of 'rv-ing'. Although the cabin will be just sleeping space, it will also be more comfortable when escaping inclement weather.

Again, welcome.
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