Greetings from Canada, BC!

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Greetings from Canada, BC!

Postby Trix25 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:57 am

Wanted to introduce myself to the forum! My name is Patrick or Pat from Canada, BC and YES we don't all live in igloos :D j/k...we what do have is limited resources for teardrop trailers builds (limited as in parts are harder to source or expensive) I am hoping that the forum would be able to point me in the right directions with my upcoming build that is already in process.

Since this is an introductory post, I guess it is only fitting to state the main reason for getting into this trailer addiction. I guess simply put it is me trying to find a balance between WORK and FREEDOM. Freedom to roam wherever and whenever...but also my addiction to learning new skills, designing new things and perhaps along the way finding a way to build a income out of my passion. Also, I originally fell in love with Scamp Trailers or any fibreglass trailers, this is because in doing my research about the viability of trailers ownership vs hotels/motels stays for vacations...I realized several key factors.
1. $ costs: ownership costs, maintenance, usage costs (i.e. gas, etc)
2. Accommodation: did it have all the amenities my wife needed (toilet) and sleeping for soon to be family of 4?
3. Usage: meaning am I going to use this enough to justify the costs?
After a lengthly battle...mostly with myself...I realized that TIMING for a Scamp 16' trailer at this moment of my life wasn't the best would mean changing my car for something more tow ready, finding storage space, but more importantly finding a scamp or fibreglass trailer in Canada without inflated pricing are hard to find. Solution a teardrop trailer or build one...

I chose to BUILD one...which is already under way! so stay tune for a build thread coming soon.

Here's a photo from beautiful Gibsons, Salt Springs Island, BC
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Re: Greetings from Canada, BC!

Postby pchast » Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:17 pm

Welcome Patrick! :D
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