Hello from Downtown Burbank

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Hello from Downtown Burbank

Postby EmbraceTheChaos » Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:35 pm

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Hey, all. Thanks for welcoming me into this group!

I decided mid-June that I wanted to travel around the country. It's been tough finding a place to live here in Los Angeles right now, so my friends encouraged me to travel. Then I discovered Teardrops and decided to build my own. I've decided it's called the Embrace The Chaos Tour!

I started building end of December and it's going along well. Planning to finish it within the next few weeks and get on the road by end of Feb./beginning of March. We'll see how it goes.

I'm building a foamie, so it's been a challenge to get enough information about them. Hoping to find more info here. I'm also a member of Jay Poore's DIY group on Facebook, which has also been invaluable.

My cat, Indiana Jones, will be traveling with me, so I'm currently leash-training him, which has been interesting.

I plan to teach art classes, do some speaking engagements at comic book conventions, etc., as I travel and see what happens!

You can follow the trip on Instagram and Facebook @EmbraceTheChaosTour and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4rXos3Pqg2XbO2btuX7kpg.

Looking forward to more exploration!

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Re: Hello from Downtown Burbank

Postby tony.latham » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:49 am

Hellllooooo some more!


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