Last summer hiway tale

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Last summer hiway tale

Postby mustangcats » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:41 pm

I thought I would post this tale from last summer to prove there are still good, helpful people out there. I was headed for the Ozark National Forest in northern Arkansas and had stopped at a WalMart in Marshall MO to stock up on supplies. After putting my purchases in the trailer I locked trailer and the key would not come out of the lock. It also wouldn't turn to unlock the trailer was stuck. Eventually after enough twisting and tugging on the key, it broke off in the lock. It was early on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't know what to I headed south and when I got to Sedalia MO I decided to go the police station to see if there was a locksmith in town. They gave me the number and I called and told him what had happened. He gave me the address to come to, which was his residence, and he met me in the street and worked for at least 45 minutes trying to get the broken piece of key out of the lock. He finally had to drill out the lock and the door then opened...and was I ever happy. But then came the much is this going to cost...especially on a Sunday afternoon? He told me $10 which I couldn't believe. I gave him a $20 bill and said he deserved it for saving my day. I continued on my way without anymore problems. Yesterday I got the replacement lock I bought from ebay and will try to put it on this weekend.
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Re: Last summer hiway tale

Postby pchast » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:40 pm

There are a few possibilities, but I've seen where the cylinder was worn and loose in the barrel.
Sometimes you can hold the cylinder tight into the lock with a finger while turning the key with
th e other hand.
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