Mother's Day gift Quik Shade, magic words: concrete birdbath

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Mother's Day gift Quik Shade, magic words: concrete birdbath

Postby tearhead » Sun May 09, 2010 10:16 pm

Last weekend, we did a tour of canopy stores in the Milwaukee area and ended up going back to the first store, Sports Authority, and purchasing my mother's day gift, a Quik Shade Summit. I'll post pics below, but first, a prologue.

I inadvertently discovered a great strategy for requesting gifts. Last October, Mark asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said, "Either a concrete birdbath, or a flat screen TV." I actually did want either one, but of course hoped for the TV. And that's what I got! (Had he also wanted a birdbath I suspect I would have received that) The next day, and it was two weeks before my birthday, I came home to find Mark unpacking it from the box. At Christmas, I told him I either wanted a concrete birdbath or a 12" Lodge Dutch oven (got the oven). So for Mother's Day, I suggested either a concrete birdbath or a new canopy (anyone who went to CNTL4 probably noticed ours was pretty junky). Anyway, below are some pics. It's "merlot" colored (now I like that theme!) and has a vent at the top that has a section that's pale gray. I thought I'd try getting First Up sides, which are much less expensive than the matching Quik Shade sides and these pics were taken to see if they would work. It's nifty--velcro corners on the frame and canopy hold it in place:


Another view, featuring my husband, Mark:


An interior view of the vents in the ceiling:


Hopefully you can see that the Walmart sides attach easily to the frame:


Anyway, ladies, remember this....CONCRETE BIRDBATH! :D
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Re: Awesome Mother's Day gift--Quik Shade canopy

Postby starleen2 » Sun May 09, 2010 10:21 pm

tearhead wrote: remember this....CONCRETE BIRDBATH! :D

. . . and one day he'll come home with one! ;)
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Postby campinwi » Mon May 10, 2010 7:47 am

Thanks for the tip! My Mothers Day present from my family this year was coming home from work at 11:45 last night to the usual-dishes overflowing the sink, floor needing to be swept, laundry needs to be put away, bathroom needs to be cleaned. I guess they felt going out for brunch was enough! Oh, I also borrowed my sons girlfriend money to fix her car, and my son borrowed MY car yesterday cause his kinda broke down on his way over here to go out for brunch!
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