Can I Build a Teardrop?

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Re: Can I Build a Teardrop?

Postby Vedette » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:45 pm

Pgrnfarm wrote:I feel anything but young and spry! All I hear from PT and surgeon is that everyone is different. I've been a difficult case! A second manipulation in the OR to help my Range of Motion is scheduled for January. I'm not a person who can sit still and I want instant gratification, neither of which goes well with TKR.
I am so excited to get this trailer going.....I would love to have my father see it done before he is no longer with us. He gave us the truck because he knew with his health he would never see it restored and he knows of my plans for this trailer. I'm confident I can tackle this and it doesn't look that hard.....the hatch looks like the most challenging part. I build furniture and of course have helped build barns and pole buildings here on the farm.

Not to sound negative.......but I would love to help you out here! :oops:
It has been 3 years since you started this thread.
As you say your Dad is not getting any younger, nor are you.
You have already missed 3 years of TD Camping! And I can tell you, once you start you will regret having missed that much time.
Unless you have all of the equipment, skills, knowledge and a huge desire to build things; Find a trailer you like and buy it!
Don't deprive that little truck the opportunity to tow a cool trailer. Or your Dad the chance to see the combo!
As you are at least 2 years away if you have not started yet!
Ask yourself....."Do I want to wait until the 2016 Camping Season?"
Sorry, but as a "Realist" I just can't say too much positive after reading what has been said on this thread prior to this post???
Good Roads
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Good Roads
Brian & Sandi
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