My first trip!

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Re: My first trip!

Postby ZugZug » Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:59 pm


That last shot, with the fire and the book, just looks like bliss to me. I love sitting around a campfire late at night.

Good on you !
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Re: My first trip!

Postby dreamofcolors » Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:30 pm

ZugZug wrote:Inspired!!!

That last shot, with the fire and the book, just looks like bliss to me. I love sitting around a campfire late at night.

Good on you !

I bought my kindle for the beach in the summer time, but with it's internal light, I think it's going to be my very favorite camping accessory! I love to knit, but I need light above or behind me to see my stitches and a headlamp ruins the camping mood so reading it is!
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Re: My first trip!

Postby mcspin50 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:24 am

Congrats on your new teardrop and your first outing!

dreamofcolors wrote:The first night it hovered around freezing at night, but I was fine. The second night I slept with my windows open and during the day it was 80! Today it's rainy and 40 degrees, so I lucked out on the weather a few days ago.

To take the edge off those cold nights, I use this little heater. I just set it on the shelf below my TV/inside cupboard. No worries about something catching on fire as it's cool to the touch.

I finally finished my teardrop last summer and got to take it out a few times before cold set in. What works for me when getting ready to go camping is I plan my meals first. I pack a plastic bin of dry foods needed and put the items that need to be kept cold in a plug-in cooler, unless I know I'll be staying in a non-electric site. Then I'll freeze milk cartons of water to act as ice in a regular cooler. Cooler and dry foods get stored in the car at night. I'm kinda anal about that ever since I had a bear visit my campsite one night. :shock: :frightened:
What dry foods that don't get used that trip just stay in the dry foods bin for possible use next time. I have small jars or containers of staples like sugar, pancake mix, flour, oatmeal, oil, nuts, seasonings in the dry foods bin ready to go every time.

Happy camping!
Lil M.
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