My project to be

Canned Hams of all types and sizes...and Bread Boxes to go with that ham......

My project to be

Postby PatxiPt » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:53 pm ... a.jpg.html

As some may be aware from my introduction ad other topics, my wife and I bought this 35 y.o. canned ham, an Adria 450D, just 2 months and a half younger than me.

It didn't seem to be as bad as it is - that's why we bought in the first place!

Upon arriving home, I started to take stuff out for cleaning, and began to realize what a can of worms - not ham - we had bought. :stompspam: :cry:

Besides 2 cracked windows, another crack developed on another one, so we are now left with 3 good windows.

The entry floor collapsed, revealing concrete :shock: as a filler between 2 pieces of aluminium.


Cutting the rotten sill, all its full 10" of a 8' original lenght, and ply showed a somewhat good main pine framing.


But the right side wall is flopping with no support of the existing sill frame. Front lower curve is also hanging the and I don't dare to see what damage may be lurking at the rear corners.

All 4 corners of the sandwich floor are rotten/delaminating inside and out. Did I mention the floor is spongy?

Every time I walk up to the trailer, I keep having this urge to get a gallon of gas and a lighter... :twisted:

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Re: My project to be

Postby SuperShady1 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:14 am

WOW!!! :? :? :?
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