Getting to work if gas hits $5.00 a gal?

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How will you get to work, if gas hits $5.00 a gallon?

Quit work.
Ride a bycycle.
Buy a motorcycle.
Take public transportation.
Car pool.
Devil be damned, gas 'er up and go! (While crying)
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Postby chorizon » Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:33 pm

Ageless wrote:Saw it on the news today; it's not so much the price but how it affects income. In the western USA it's much less of a burden as income is higher. Where it takes a big bite is midwest and southeast states where it can take up to 12% of income for gas (out west it's less than 5%)

That's a pretty good assessment...

Years ago, during the 1st Gulf-War, gas spiked close to $2 a gallon.

Between the distance to work and the "Family Dodge's" gas mileage, I figured I spent 1-1/2 hours per day working to pay for gas to and from work.
Nowadays, gas would have to be significantly higher than $5/ gallon for that to be the same scenario, 20 years later... :thinking:
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Postby mvperini » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:17 pm

you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills :lol:


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Postby slowcowboy » Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:58 pm

now days most people can't go to work to do what they have to too pay the bills. with most people out of work. this is not going to be much of a problem in one way as they DON"T have to get to work. they have to GET to LOOK for a job!!!!!!!!!!!

my job eats gas way more than a normal job. my Job is farming and ranching and the gas can put you out of bussness easily. its going to be hard to tell a customer I have to charge you more to cut your hay this summer or bale it as gas is 5 bucks.

in that case I just park my machery at home and foreget about being self employed.

it cut me already out of a crop lease and made me decide to get rid of a rent 40 acers of crop land to expenseve to replow plant on seed that went up due to frieght on shipping the seed in and high fertilzer as oil is used in fertilizer. and yes. someone won't get to eat oatmeal as I can' t plant oats this year and someone won't be able to eat a steak as i won't raise beefs out to eat as i will sell the cows to live on.

yep high gas just makes the farmer go out of bussnes and your food cost way more.

emagine a tractor that most of my neigbors have that burns 100 gallons of desile fuel a day at a dollar more than 5 dollar gas!!!!!!!!!

I do have one opetion to get to town if nessary but my ranching job will be mostly history unless I can afford to buy hay instead of farm to get it.

cows are high in price and I can sell cows to live on till they are gone. but I have to be able to afford the gas to haul them to town to sale them.

I do have a old saddle horse I can ride to get town if needed. I have no clue where I will tye him up in town while I am in a store.

I can ride to pavillon as it is 120 people and dirt streets and my old horse used to cruise main in pavillon when I was in highschool like 15 years ago.

I have tired my horse up to the disabled peoples ramp at the post office in pavillon on sevaral occasions.

bikes I can't ride. one major wreck on a ranch job in 03 cured my bike rideing for good. I can' t keep my right foot on the pedals.

I can walk no problem there.

and I would have no problem getting a ton of corn and setting up a ethanol still.

other than that I am problly going to become more of a hermit on the ranch by pavillon. and see more of pavillon for a town than riverton. So I might acutaly save money. I just can't get no grocerys in pavillon other than eating out at the one supper club and its only open by appointment. Yikes.

its 24 miles into riverton and that means robbing a gas station to get to town so i can buy grocerys I think.

heeee! at least I don't have a normal job any more that demands i have to go to town to clock in. I can decide what to do myself for work on my self employed ranch job. but I still have to move a tractor and I still have to haul cows and hay. so with like only one to 3 pay checks off the cows a year. its going to be a major headache for this cowboy to get to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLowcowboy. all I can say if they want 5 dollar gas than this cowboy needs 4 dollar a pound for his angus calfs and that means you all will eat a 20 dollar steak!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Ron Dickey » Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:12 am

I have been driving a prius since 2002 when I felt gas was up there. People called me crazy but that was as close as I could get to an electric.
I average 45 mpg have gotten as high as 98 mpg.

Now that gas is 4 headed for 5 they understand.

Now I am looking for a small toyota truck with a 4 cyl to pull my trailer other wise it is time to build a lighter trailer. Maybe a real teardrop. I pull now with our Carolla. enven then I get 30 mpg

I hope it does not get much worse I feel for those of you who do not get the gas milage we do.

Yaris toyota is going to become a hybrid too and should get even better gas milage. even I have thought of getting a motorcycle or electric. California is not cheep I payed 3.94 at costco yesterday reg.
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Postby Mini Renegade » Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:24 pm

You guys want to come over here. It is currently 132.9p per litre for petrol (gas) and 142.9p for diesel! Thats nearly $2 per litre, 4.5 litres per uk gallon thats roughly $9 a gallon!!!!
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Postby rowerwet » Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:54 am

building the td gives me a place to stay so I don't have to make the 100 mile RT every day, plan on paying the house off in 2 years and moving, but until then I love mt 35 MPG Focus
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Postby StandUpGuy » Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:22 pm

I have a small commuter motorcycle. A 250. In heavy traffic I get 65 mpg. Everyday I ride the bike I save 5 dollars of gas over my van.
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Postby jeprovo » Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:26 pm

50 Miles RT to work, and I ride a motorcycle that averages 50 mpg, so for me, it's a gallon of premium gas a day to ride to work. If gas goes to $5 a gallon, I'll probably have to pay $5.50 for premium, and grin and bear it.
Premium IS around $4.50 right now in SoCal.
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Postby Miriam C. » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:01 pm

I am thinking I need a scooter for the kids so I can stay the heck home... ;)
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Postby caseydog » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:30 pm


Yes, I just spent $71 filling my gas tank, but there is a silver lining...

ExxonMobil profits were up 69-percent in the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period last year. :P

And they won't have to pay one dime in Federal IncomeTaxes on that profit, thanks to tax credits that were supposed to encourage new domestic exploration.

Here is a reality check for the "Drill here, drill now -- drill baby drill" folks. The oil companies are NOT going to drill here, at any time, unless oil prices stay well over $100 a barrel. Period!

I have said this before, and it falls on deaf ears. My father is a retired President and COO of one of the top five oil companies in the world. OIL COMPANIES BUY LOW, AND SELL HIGH. That is the nature of free markets. That is what publicly traded corporations MUST do to survive and prosper.

The easy, and cheap, oil in the USA is GONE! Unless oil prices STAY high, drilling for oil in the US is a money loser. It is cheaper to buy it from the Saudis -- or other countries that sponsor terrorism.

Americans have a right to buy and own big, gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs, we do not have a right to cheap fuel for them.

So, drive what you want to drive, but if you drive a Suburban, don't let me hear you complain about the price of gasoline. In fact, if it weren't for your gas guzzler increasing demand, everyone else might be paying less for the gasoline they put in their sensible car.

Okay, I'm putting my socialist approved flame suit on. :lol:


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Postby caseydog » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:42 pm

Miriam C. wrote:I am thinking I need a scooter for the kids so I can stay the heck home... ;)

I have a little birthday money coming, and I'm looking at used scooters, too. 75 MPG for trips to the store sounds nice, and they are fun to ride. I've had one before.

Have fun, give less money to ExxonMobil -- I can live with that.

I wouldn't spend a couple thousand bucks just to get 75 MPG, but if it is fun, and gets 75 MPG, then it has my attention.

If I can use it for 50 percent of my driving, it will also save wear and tear on my car, on top of the savings in fuel.

But, if I can drive to Kroger on a Vespa at 75 MPG, and enjoy it, versus driving my car that gets 18 MPG, and is just okay on the trip to Kroger on my suburban streets, then I get a double benefit of saving money and enjoying the ride.

I am still weighing the benefits and costs. The "fun factor" is one element of that analysis. 8)


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Postby Shadow Catcher » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:40 am

Well judging by gas prices around here it looks like when it reaches, not if. The one problem with scooter or motorcycle is the, there is no such thing as a minor accident thing. Had another fatality in our small town when a motorcyclist (possibly impaired) roared out of of town and into eternity, (missed an easy turn on dry pavement).
Joined CostCo gas .15 to .20 less per gallon but with 10% alcohol.
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Postby BrandonCormier » Mon May 02, 2011 6:39 am

I think I will find me a scooter/moped....I only have 20 mile round trip, but always looking to save cash to buy new camping gear.
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gas Prices

Postby Wild Bill » Tue May 03, 2011 7:31 pm

Gas is $4.39 in the Chicago Burbs today.... and rising. Short 6 mile RT to work. Can and should ride my bike more. 45 calories per mile! and believe me, I could use to burn a few more calories. I will drive less, go fewer places. The demand must be lower with millions of Americans out of work, no longer commuting to and from. I agree that fuel prices will finish off what is left of our economy. Record profits at what cost. Use less and the price will come down, and a lot slower than it went up. I expect over $5 per gallon by July 4. The Media talking heads warned us to "expect" $5/gallon 6 months ago, Are any of you suprised? Our government will not be happy till we are all broke and begging for our existance. It will not be long now. :(
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Postby mikeschn » Wed May 04, 2011 4:36 am

Gas hit $4.29 here. And a couple places are as high as 4.37 and 4.39.

My round trip to work is 80 miles... I don't think a bicycle will work for me.

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