Which bolt together trailer did you use?

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Which bolt together trailer did you use on your build?

Harbor Freight 1195# 4x8 with 12" wheels
Harbor Freight 1720# 4x8 with 12" wheels
Northern Tool 4x8 with 12" wheels
No votes
Northern Tool 5x8 with 12" wheels
Red Trailers 4x8 with 12" wheels
No votes
Red Trailers 5x8 with 12" wheels
Not bolt together, custom fabricated trailer
Other (please explain below)
Total votes : 30

Which bolt together trailer did you use?

Postby mikeschn » Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:50 am

Updated Harbor Freight trailer Poll... We asked this question in 2004, when we were all kinda new at this... Thinking it's about time to get an update on which bolt together trailer you guys used...

So which bolt together trailer did you use?
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Re: Which bolt together trailer did you use?

Postby working on it » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:47 am

'A Cautionary Tale' Not a pre-packaged , bolt-together trailer, more like a custom built that keeps on growing! Like many others on this forum, I recycled a junk trailer that I had previously bought (for practically nothing), and let it sit and rot away for 17-18 years? in my backyard. I think I had $50 dollars tied up in it. Tried to give it away to friends and relatives several times, no takers. Then, I caught the TnTTT fever, and thought that I could build it up for about $500 or so, make it roadworthy, and get my wife out of her tent and onto a dry sleeping platform. Plan A. Plan B soon took over, though. With the help of my friend, who welds, I added structure and substance to the crappy trailer I had. (I think I spent at least $500 on steel and hardware alone; kept secret from the wife.) Overbuilt, and over equipped, compared to Plan A, the trailer is still being modified (and probably always will be), weight added or moved, and the axle-already with modifications for strength-( from the original tiny platform) will either be further beefed-up or replaced next (too much weight!). From this:
10/1/11, 8" tires, 50"x60" frame,twin bedspring size reference, 200lbs
Photo059.jpg (193.79 KiB) Viewed 3794 times
to this
extra steel, now 4'x8' frame, hubs now 5x4.5,spacers, 14" tires
Photo069.jpg (115.75 KiB) Viewed 3794 times
now this
modding: newer tonguebox, 1475lbs
photo20131116_171821b.jpg (146.44 KiB) Viewed 3794 times
2013 HHRv "squareback/squaredrop", rugged, 4x8 TTT, 2220 lbs
  • *3500 lb Dexter EZ-Lube braked axle, 3000 lb.springs, active-progressive bumpstop suspension
  • *27 x 8.5-14LT AT tires (x 3) *Weight Distribution system for single-beam tongue
  • *100% LED's & GFCI outlets, 3x fans, AM/FM/CD/Aux. *A/C & heat, Optima AGM, inverter & charger(s)
  • *extended-run, on-board, 2500w generator *Coleman dual-fuel stove & lantern, Ikea grill, vintage skillet
  • *zinc/stainless front & side racks *98"L x 6" diameter rod & reel carrier tube on roof
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Re: Which bolt together trailer did you use?

Postby Gage » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:02 pm

I didn't use any 'Bolt Together' trailer frame. I planned on my teaardrop lasting 40- 50 years. And it will. It's already 13 years old. Has been to the East Coast twice and probably has close to 30,000 miles on it. How many of your 'Bolt Together' frame trailers can match that? :thinking:
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Re: Which bolt together trailer did you use?

Postby jgrote » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:06 am

I started with a H.F. 1195 trailer, and bolted it together like the instructions said. Then I ground off the paint in the 8 corners and welded them. Then I welded the front half to the back, both halves to the axle mounts, and then finally repainted (with H.F. bedliner). I repacked the bearings and am now calling it good enough. With discounts, sales, and frugal shopping, I think I have <$300 into getting my trailer ready to build on. I don't think I could have bought a trailer for that. I know that I may have to replace the axle at some point, but the trailer is well designed and it will be very easy to do in the future. I know that not everyone has access to a welder, but IMO it's the best tool I ever invested in. It has saved me thousands of dollars over the years in projects. I would not be afraid to build a trailer (and honestly it probably would have been faster), but I could not buy the steel, axle, tongue parts, wiring, axle, and wheels for anywhere near what I have into this one.
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Re: Which bolt together trailer did you use?

Postby TPMcGinty » Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:15 am

My Northern Tools 5x8 was a prewelded angle iron trailer. I didn't vote since it isn't a bolt together at all.

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