Do you sew and what do you make

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Re: Do you sew and what do you make

Postby dales133 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:29 pm

Im toying wjth the idea of sewing a leather headboard for my teardrop
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Re: Do you sew and what do you make

Postby ZugZug » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:39 am

Finally, we have our teardrop. In the lead-up to pick-up day, I did a bunch of sewing in preparation.

I made some bags to put things into (so they don't bang around too much during the drive up - because we had it all in the back of the station wagon), in a range of leftover fabrics from quilts past. I also made some pyjama bottoms from some nice cool cotton, so I can wander around the campground looking presentable in the mornings.

There is a Gidget with a hanging cupboard (the Noosa model), but we didn't get that one. So probably my favourite thing to make was a hanging garment bag. I made it to suit my coat hangers, out of fabric I had left over from a recent cycling vest. It is therefore waterproof, breathable, and was basically free (because I already the the fabric for the bag itself, and made some binding from leftover fabric from something else, so also free). But I did buy the zipper.

It hung on the hook inside the rear car door for our 5,000km return trip to pick up our new Gidget teardrop, and held a few shirts, a dress, a nice top, and two skirts. It was nice to have nicely ironed things available now and then, and to be able to pack a dress even though I didn't choose to wear it much in the end. As usual, I packed more than I actually needed. One skirt and one shirt would have been plenty.

It will be a great accompaniment for longer trips. Will probably leave it home for shorter weekend jaunts.
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