Explain pmf

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Explain pmf

Postby slowcowboy » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:44 am

Studying poor man's fiberglass skinning method.. trying to figure out the steps...could you all explain how its done more in depth? Slow..
Plans. there was supposed to be plans to be followed when I built this thing. Opps! AH, gee, tum,tee tum. I think I forgot about the plans 2 years ago. ------Tow vehicles, 1995 ford explore, 1994 ford ranger, 1993 ford F-150, 2009 4x9 Off road teardrop, on harbor freight greatly modified frame.
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Re: Explain pmf

Postby John61CT » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:44 am

Do you mean over wood, or full-on "foamie"?

Each person has their own opinions.

Since Glidden Gripper has been discontinued, things are very much up in the air afaic.

Basically Titebond 2 is used to glue down canvas / sheeting, then you need to waterproof, seal well with a good paint.

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Re: Explain pmf

Postby RJ Howell » Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:53 pm

Poor Mans Fiberglass to me is mis-named.. Yes it can be less, yet done 'right' it's about the same costs are fiberglass. Maybe a bit less.

Main consideration in going PMF is what your going over, IMHO. If a stiff surface/skin, such as plywood and you want a smooth finish, fiberglass. You want a textured finish, PMF.
Now if going over a foam built, then to me, PMF. Why would you put something rigid on something that flexes, a lot. It's been done and folks that have like it.

I, like several others, did a sample board testing TB2 and primers. I found primer worked better for me. Others swear by TB2. I sweared at it... Do a sample board for how will be applying and see what works for you.

Plywood or foam, sand, clean, prep the surface.
Some say pre-wash the canvas, I found it better not to. I didn't see the shrink as much as others did. Choose of canvas is where the costs come in. The better the material, the better the outcome. Watch for the sales for Duck cloth. Great stuff and tight weave!

I went primer, yet pretty much the same procedure. With area of trailer prep'ed and cloth roughed to size, I applied cloth, then trailer and again to cloth. The cloth drinks it up real fast and it took the second coat to keep it wet (kinda like fiberglassing to me). In large areas doing a 2ft long section at a time may be all you can do. You'll work that out real fast! I used a paint roller to apply and a second one as a roller to flatten. I also stretched as I rolled and used common pins to hold the material as I worked along. A bit of hand smoothing and rolling as you move along.

Then comes the part of waiting days to see how good you did... Take your time, have some help, music you like and beverage of choice as you apply.

Days later, when the primer feels right you can start to apply the top coats.

Hope that helps with your question.

RJ Howell
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