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Re: Aerodynamic drag help

Postby trevize1138 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:38 am

gudmund wrote:159767 in 2016 when at the Lake Shasta, Calif. Teardrop gathering a lady(Doctor) from San Fran. showed up in this '14 Tesla towing a 1 person 'Little Guy' tear. She said Tesla and her were working together on this. She said Tesla had figured she would loss maybe 20/25% of her driving range when towing, but she said it had been more like a 35/40% loss and it was getting a little 'iffy' between charging stations (this was one of the early Tesla's)
Earlier this this year just a few month's ago, when I was at one of my local RV trailer lot's, I spoke to a guy with one of the new 'smaller' Tesla 3's towing a bigger/standy version 'TAB' trailers and he said it was doing just fine towing. He said he was able to go something like 160/190 miles towing with it and had been fine going between charging stations.

That's incredible that a Model 3 could still get that much range towing the larger T@B trailers! There's certainly no lack of torque in these cars but mine's also the mid-range battery rated at 260 miles vs the long range at 310 miles. I'm guessing that one towing the larger T@B had to be the long range model. Still, if I'm able to see a maximum 40% range loss towing a tiny teardrop that's plenty of range.
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Re: Aerodynamic drag help

Postby » Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:46 am

Yeah, we have likely all seen those experimental solar "cars"; basically a three wheeled bicycle with a large aerodynamic fairing absolutely covered in PV cells. I think those don't go too fast and still have a limited range each day. For your application, you might be able to spend the extra money on very good aerodynamics and perhaps include range extending batteries in the trailer, to be charged from shore power at the campsite each night. Just another thought. I am interested because I am planning an EV for my next vehicle but will keep the family gas truck as well.

Good luck with it,
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Re: Aerodynamic drag help

Postby tony.latham » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:02 am

The easiest way to decrease drag is to slow down.


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Re: Aerodynamic drag help

Postby gudmund » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:36 pm

I agree!! slowing down has 'always' worked when I have done it - it's "shocking" what my mpg is with my daily driver when I just cruise my island here that I live on that has 'no' speed limit above 50mph. I can drive the whole circumference of it on less than 1 gallon of gas (island is right at 40 miles around-would take 2 gallons with my PU) I get an overall "all of the time" average of 42/45mpg - but at less than 50mph "putt-sing"' around - "upwards of" and over 50 mpg!!!!! (01 Suzuki Swift - 'Great Driver' - paid for and over 40++mpg ............). :thumbsup: (can't say so much for the PU towing the tear = oh well... :roll: )
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