Brain Tumor Successfully Removed (Info Provided)

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Re: Brain Tumor Successfully Removed (Info Provided)

Postby coyote » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:41 am

:applause: Congratulations Scott! I'm relatively new, I don't know many people, but I wanted to comment. I had a brain tumor, caused a major stroke, removed a portion of my brain "the size of a racket ball", spent 35 days I.C.U. Anyway, just to encourage anyone who needs it. That was April 16- 2001. They told the wife it was 20% life if they operated, and 0% if not. Its been a climb, but, if this applies to anyone reading...DON'T GIVE UP. Sorry, Im getting windy. But I did make it. Teardropin' time might run just a little slower, but its so wonderful to be here with friends. Dave (coyote) :thumbsup:
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