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Postby outlaw53 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:01 am

This has probably been asked before but, how do you use PMF and come up with a smooth surface so as not to see the fabric? :thinking:
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Postby Nodrog » Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:35 am

Hello Outlaw! Welll...I think most of the canvas will have quite a bit of texture, but- I used muslin on the interior of my trailer, that's like a bed sheet, but all cotton. It is thin,maybe @ 3oz per sq yard, but is maybe 2 layers will do on the outside. However, with these cloth coverings, I think there will always be joints in the foam or at points where there is wood inserted, for window mounting or whatever. Things will show up with changes in temperature or humidity. So, probably a thicker canvas will cover those better. GPW on here says artists gesso will smooth canvas. ghcoe has built some really slick teardrops, the use of flashings for door mounting etc. seem to be a good way to get smooth edges at apertures...texture of the finish to some extent seems to go with the territory. But, you don't need to spend forever trying to get a mirror smooth finish. You stick the canvas on, paint it, and go camping! Maybe you want to skin with aluminum?

I tried for a smoother but quick finish with 2 layers of fiberglass screen and mastic, haven't even had it out of the little temp garage I built it in, but think it looks good enough. But I spent enough time and $$ on it I am thinking I will put a final layer of gold leaf over it! Whatever, will do first outing in the spring....Best wishes...Nodrog
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