Going camping with baler twin.

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Going camping with baler twin.

Postby slowcowboy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:26 am

How many people take stuff camping with them that they repurpose to camping from there life occupations????....as a farmer slash rancher slash cowboy slash homesteader in life...i find that a ball of baler twin stuffed in my teardrop or on board my truck comes in handy out in the woods for strapping down tarps and easy ups,..shade things, or my own clamshell Kelty thingy in high winds...gloves,. the little white roping gloves are sold in our local farm stores in a heaverer thicker pairs for us ranchers un like the thin ones the team ropers all use....we cow men and farmers live year round in them.and us farmers out stacking hay re named them as mitts....they get repurposed for camping and become hot pad holders to grab your cast iron with our in a back pack out fishing a moutain stream in july make it all possible to hold a fishing pole while swatting deer flys and mosquitoes....so , i keep a fresh clean un greasy pair in my teardrop camper year round...
So,...any one else take non-camping gear with them camping from there jobs?????.....slow.
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Re: Going camping with baler twin.

Postby Modstock » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:04 pm

Oh.... Bailer twine.
I keep some in my tool bag, just in case.

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Re: Going camping with baler twin.

Postby GPW » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:23 am

We also, in addition to strings, para-cords, and ropes, keep a small roll of “ Mechanics wire “ … very useful … ;)
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Re: Going camping with baler twin.

Postby working on it » Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:06 am

* Of course, we all carry along many of the tools/items we have always used in our jobs (vocations), and learned that they were indispensable in all aspects of our lives over the years: nylon cable ties (zip ties), baling wire, and duct tape (gaffing tape) among them, but the things that we also used in our other hobbies (avocations) also became absolutely necessary when camping: bungee cords of all sizes, ratchet/tie-down straps (of all sizes, too), and cable locks (usually vinyl-wrapped wire cable).

* When camping, I carry along most of the same tools I would take along to drag racing venues (where I was always a help to fellow racers, due to having extra hardware, common supplies, and quick-fix items that I'd loan to all). I usually found that the little things that were needed in my job, around the house, when racing, and around the house, were always very useful at camp, too. I can't imagine not having all my bungees, tie downs, etc. at camp...there's no way I could set-up!

* My "camping indispensables" inventory includes 8-10 jacking devices, a cordless Milwaukee tool set (impact, drill-driver, and sawzall), three sets (at least) of hand tools with many sockets, 2-3 sets of electrical tools (meters, pliers, screwdrivers, tape, wire/strippers, heat shrink butt-connectors, heat gun, etc), air compressor, multiple hammer types, pry bars, brass drift, wire rope, two battery chargers, Gorilla tape, three heavy-duty and two light-duty cable locks, and of course dozens of bungee cords and tie-downs and zip-ties. It may take awhile to find exactly what I might need for any problem, but I'm pretty sure I can find it, eventually.
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Re: Going camping with baler twin.

Postby Aguyfromohio » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:39 am

I always carry strong string on a camping trip. I prefer bright colored mason line string. It's nearly as strong as paracord and rolls up much smaller.

For many years when I camped by tent or trailer I've carried a quart size zip lock baggie I call my "MacGyvor kit", a set of items that can fix lots of different troubles in the field.
When my children got old enough to start tent camping without me I would always make them a MacGyvor kit and hand it to them as they drove away.
They soon stopped laughing about it and started asking for one. "Dad, can you make me a McGyvor kit?"

- 50 feet of masons twine
- a dozen medium zip ties
- half a roll of electrical tape
- a cheap pair of plain pliers (did you know they all have a wire cutter built in?)
- a couple small cheap throw away screwdrivers, one slotted one Phillips
- a tube of superglue
- 10 feet of plain picture hanging wire
- a few drywall screws
- an extra small butane lighter
- half a yellow wooden pencil
- a little cheap penknife, new and sharp. The key chain Swiss army knife is perfect.

The most often used item is that string.
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